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I love this game already...

I don't really play these games anymore, but this was free - and for low-end, crappy pc's as well. Shame about some functionality bugs though, it's still a demo. Here's a one-minute long clip as a sampler: (also gotta love Mark Plier here:)

There's quite an story behind this: One of the main antagonists, a creature only labelled as contained specimen "scp-137", is based upon on a series of modern horror stories that started growing online...and this particular creature was more specifically, based on a sculpture made by japanese artist Izumi Kato.

So, these stories became famous in internet and from those stories and from their mythos, stem out a whole indie pc horror game. "SCP: Containment breach."
It is basically an science fiction based first-person perspective survival horror game.
There's a lore behind the SCP-137, not much is known about it but basically this thing moves like in one children's playground game - it can only move if you blink or don't look at it. And if you blink, it comes for you and snaps your neck in an instant. Good times playing this alone in the dark. Recommended.

I wonder has Izumi been interviewed about this, it would be fascinating to hear what he thinks about it that his sculpture has become a part of internet culture, where it started having a life of it's own.
This whole story reminds me kind of like H.R. Giger's Alien, so it's interesting - although he was involved in the process himself, unlike Izumi here. In Giger's case, Ridley Scott saw Giger's paintings, saw the form of the alien and decided that he wants Giger to design something similar for his movie. Here, I think nobody really asked Izumi just happened.

But still, it's the same concept, a piece of art becomes assimilated into some other form of modern culture and it suddenly has a life of it's own, and people start creating their own mythos and stories around it.

It's fascinating to live in this digital age, where it's possible to jumble up and mix all forms of cultures...

Interview of Joonas Rikkonen can be found here:

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