sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

what photography is for me...

When I take pictures, it's all just instinct together
with my taste of visual aesthetics -
I like something I see, and do a composition in my head first.

The emotional side or intuition...sometimes I feel something
about a place, get a more concrete feel that I can put into words about a place - but usually, I just follow a instinct and a need to feel a sense of wonder.
I get excited if I see something that I consider to have potential for
a picture or for a element to a picture.
It creates a state of flow.

And playing -
That is what it is for me.

A play. A child's play, because I can't bear growing up in some certain way,
compromising in that sense.
Turning playing into work. I'm not afraid of that risk that some have mentioned - the
danger in turning a passion into work, because I know, that if you love
something, you wont grow bored of it.

Even if the way you used to play, has to become something serious and
often simply commercial sometimes. I know I'll still be in love with being with
the camera. There is something strange about it, I feel connected with it. So I can't seem to be able to focus on studying in academic sense, (or maybe someday?) so it has to be something creative.

Doesn't really matter if it's photography or graphic design or something.
 I want to find beauty for myself, to calm me down - but also, for others.
Mostly for the "selfish" reason to be seen myself. :P
I take pictures, so "you" - the other,

- the human being -

would see the photographer.

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