torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

Golden ratio

"Golden ratio shows itself everywhere! Right across the natural world - from trees and flowers, to human bodies, the patterning on animals' skin and the structure of skeletons.

It's found its way into the arts and sciences from ancient Greece to the present day, into musical rhythms, poetic beat, composition of paintings and, soon maybe, your photos!

It's pretty mysterious and appears quite fundamental to the fabric of the world around us, exhibiting a balance of proportion which often meets the approval of our aesthetic sensibilities. It just seems to help composition 'work'."

I usually don't like maths all that much. But when it is so clearly visible in everyday life, you can't help but love it. People have told me that "hey, you obviously know the rules of photography and therefore you can also break them."

But I do feel like I should pay more attention to this, among many other things - it is a very hard art to master - and you might have something interesting going in some point of the picture, while some part is lacking.

It is one thing to develope an eye - but another to always be aware of utilizing that said eye, in moments when there's not much time. When to follow the "rules" and when to break them - it all depends.

"In photography, visual organization can stem only from a developed instinct." -

Said the great late Henri Cartier Bresson , who was a real master at arriving on interesting situations and moments with his camera, somehow being able to do capture them perfectly in a split second.

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